The first half of 2012 was another great start for FELTasticFashion felting project!

FELTasticWine Glass Gloves for 2012 Nova Scotia IceWine Festival
FELTasticFashion Owl Necklaces for "Helping Herd" Charity Auction
Felted cake keepsake + Parisian owlRainbow owl + Tiny MINI
Birthday crown + Apple headpiece for 80th Apple Blossom Festival
Many more FELTasticFashion accessories + FELTasticCharm 

On June 24, 2012, I attended the East Coast Momma Collective Summer Fair.
It was my first public appearance in the city of Halifax!

The most important...
 FELTasticFashion.blogspot.com reached the world with over 4000 pageviews
FELTasticFashion@Facebook with over 100 fans

In the next half of 2012, I would love to work on more new challenges.
There will be a new FELTasticBaby line as well as new collaborations with local boutiques.
I would also love to customize more special orders for anyone around the world.
Just send me an image or an idea!

Also, I will add more items on the FELTasticFashion.ETSY.com online shop. 
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THANK YOU for your continue support!!!



After months of preparation for the road shows & many birthday gifts,

finally, I made something just for me...for my leather bag...

I love to dress up my handbags just the same way I put together a good outfit.

Dress nice & appropriately will give a good first impression to people around you.

They know that you are very much attention to details & well-prepared.

It's a whole package.

Just like the Owl charm is meant to be together with the leather bag.

Hoo-Hoo...A lovely owl in Blue Thalassa...



I'm very proud being part of the East Coast Momma Collective!

It's an amazing group of 50+ mommies who are so talented & energetic & cheerful!

It's was the best craft show I've ever attended. Really!

The room at St. Mary's Boat Club was just filled with laugh & joy & love throughout the day!

I'm very excited to meet every moms and all attendants again in the next Holiday Fair (Dec. 2)!



WOW! 4000 pageviews!

Thank you for viewing my ongoing FELTasticFashion creations!

It's been 20 months since I've first launched this site.

I initially plan was to keep a portfolio for myself to see what I have fun felting.

It's really wonderful that I'm still in love making many many different & unique creations!

Thanks for letting me share & allowing me to custom felt a few special pieces to some of you!

Only 2 days left for my first public appearance at a Summer fair in Halifax.

It's my honor to be one of the 41 talented Mompreneurs from East Coast Momma Collective.

I hope to meet you there!

Here's my last set of FELTasticMotion Jingle Ball before the show.

I can always custom design yours!



Happy Birthday to my love!

Just hours before Father's Day & 1.5 days before his birthday, he upgraded his DSLR.

While I was wondering what to custom felt for his birthday gift, an idea popped into my head.

SONY DSLR is his favorite brand & the symbolic color combo is Orange/Black/White.

So, I started working on this JS37 DSLR jingle ball (actually on our way home after shopping!)

This JS37 DSLR jingle ball will work great to make the little models smile for sure.

Plus, this will be a great piece to treasure & remind what he got for his 37th birthday! Ha!

1..2..3..(jingle) SMILE... 



It's such fun to work under the FELTasticMotion theme

Now, I have needle felted a tractor, a boat, a train & a firetruck.

5 more to go...

Personalize/Customize yours now!

Initial & Age can be needle felted at the other side of the jingle ball too!

It'll be a great piece to treasure!



Add a little bit of soap on your hand & make some bubbles with warm/hot water
Massage the jungle ball gently & put inside a plastic bag & massage with more love
Air dry OR place inside a socking & warm up in a dryer for 5-10 minutes
Voila! Your FELTasticMotion jingle ball is up rolling again!



This one-of-a-kind shocking pink owl with green/blue elastic cord is flying to the west coast!

Thank you to a gracious winner of the bid who helped in the "Helping Herd" 

- an online benefit auction for Chris and Christine Silver of Earth Art Cashmere

It was my pleasure to help raising funds to help the Silvers though this challenge


On Thursday, March 22nd, 2012, a fire destroyed much of Chris and Christina Silver’s farm near River John, Nova Scotia, and killed more than 40 of their cashmere goats--about half of their herd. While the fire caused only minor damage to their home, it also cut off electrical service to the house, so they have had to relocate temporarily. While the Silvers had been working on upgrades to their 150-year-old barn and adjacent buildings, the structures did not yet meet current building code requirements. As a result, the Silvers were not insured for their loss. In addition to this hardship, Chris has been battling leukemia. You can read more about this tragedy here and here



Another Spring Fling Silent Auction for my son's PW Home & School

I prepared the FELTasticFashion Owl Necklace with a personalized PW initial at the back

& the FELTasticDance backpack with a beautiful FELTasticFlower attched.

Glad that I can help to raise some funding for the school with my handmade creations.



FELTasitcMotion is on the roll...

Additional jingle balls are in the make...

Here's the tractor again!

Next, how about a boat, a hot air balloon, a helicopter, a plane & even a rocket ?!



My daughter participated in the 79th Annual Apple Blossom Children's Parade on June 2, 2012.

To celebrate this special event, a needle felted apple headpiece was created!

The group also won the second place in the Rainbow "Theme" category too!  Yeah!