It's our 10th Wedding Anniversary! We travelled to Europe & enjoy some good times together!

Sending over some chocolate 3D sheep & Duck from Belgium! Love Handmade!
Love this Accessories & DIY chain in Benelux @Veritas

Selfie with handmade Wool Felt necklace
at Parlement Européen, The EU European Institutions

Little lamb from UNESCO Strasbourg Petite France

Beautiful day in France. Modeling with my fave wet felt necklace!
Strasbourg Train Station

Easy clip on mixed-media flower brooch to accessorize the unique leather basket bag
Dressing up with wool felted accessories is really fun!
Especially those are handmade one-of-a-kind too!



NEW DIY KIT RETAILER: Friends & Fiberworks

Friends & Fiberworks in Candler, NC
is now carrying FELTasticFashion Felting DIY Kits!
The shop is located SW of Asheville, NC,

If you get a chance to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway,
you MUST drop by Parkway Visitor Center, MP 384.
It's a one stop to learn about the entire 469 miles and 73-year history of the Parkway!




Very excited to announce that GROVEWOOD GALLERY in Asheville, NC
is now carrying selected FELTasticFahsion Felting DIY Kits!
The gallery, located next to The Omni Grove Park Inn, was opened in 1992 to revitalize the Homespun Shops that once housed the famous weaving and woodworking complex of Biltmore Industries. Grovewood showcases 9,000 square-feet of traditional and contemporary crafts by more than 500 artists from around the United States. Over the years, Grovewood has earned the reputation of being one of the nation's top retailers of fine American craft. (Source: www.Grovewood.com)

My lovely princess enjoyed her visit so much especially at the Sculpture Garden!

Next door, you can find North Carolina Homespun Museum.
NC Homespun Museum presents a historical overview of Biltmore Industries and its internationally renowned wool cloth. Originally located in Biltmore Village, then relocated to North Asheville, this weaving industry had an important economic impact on the region from 1901 through the 1940’s. Demand for Biltmore Homespun even reached the White House and several foreign countries. (Source: www.Grovewood.com)

Next door, antique car lovers will be fascinated by the Estes-Winn Antique Car Museum. Established in 1965 by Asheville businessman Harry Blomberg, the museum is home to several rare and vintage automobiles, as well as some original horse-drawn carriages and Asheville's own American La France fire engine. The cars have been preserved in their mostly original and running condition. (Source: www.Grovewood.com)



Just as we are now in South Carolina - the Palmetto State.
It's fun to felt a cute Palmetto Wool Charm!
We will prepare a step-by-step DIY project kit once we get more interest!
Or try our felting workshop that you can book your own felting party too!



Very excited to work on a special International order making the dartboard wool charm!

After making one, the client wanted to double it up!

Now it's the challenge to make exact same size!
But it's always to have a personalized touch to felt something unique too!

Initials were added at the back of the Dartboard wool charms.
Hope the receivers will love their new one-of-a-kind accessories!