Happy Holiday!

I am on the road trip with my family currently.

It is hard to stop me once I got some great ideas with wool creation!

This FOX applique was done while we were still on the highway in New Brunswick.

I love to travel as I get to get lots of inspirations.

Stay turned for more over the holiday!

All the best to all wool lovers & FELTasticFashion fans!




Very proud to donate my "Circles of Love" FELTasticArt piece 
to "Because I am a Girl" silent art auction taken place on Dec. 20, 2012. 

Helping the world one step at a time.


 "Circles of Love"

By Cecilia Ho

Circle is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, female 

power, and the sun. Circles of Love can strengthen our connection with

 ourselves, with each other, and with all around us through giving 

and receiving heartfelt love.

Because I Am a Girl is a social movement to change our world one step at a time; starting with girls.
Their objective is to empower girls so they can begin to bring change to our world and theirs.
Once girls feel empowered they are able to do anything.
Going to school for an extra year can increase a girl’s lifetime income by 15% in developing countries.
In most situations however, the boy is chosen to attend school for it is more financially possible.
Girls are not only the child bearers.
We are the teachers, the police officers, the technicians, the mailmen, the soccer coaches, the farmers.
We are everywhere.
Once that girl receives a chance, she can begin a whole new generation of empowered children.




All these fluffy friends are heading to Newfoundland

& be neighbours of some real ones starting this Christmas!



It's my pleasure to custom made so many FELTasticApplique Stockings/socks

as Christmas gifts this joyful time of the year!

These will be great personalized socks to stay comfy 

for the rest of the cold Winter in Canada!



Glad to share my passion for felting & helped local school music band again!

It's in the local Kings County Advertiser Vol. 134 No. 49 Pg. 11



Here I am !

A proud member of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council (NSDCC)


In the new year (2013), 

I am planning to work on several artistic projects to achieve status

& showcase how amazing it can be with wool and felting.



Only 10 days to go before Christmas!!! 
Very excited to convert my home into a mini shopping paradise
filled with soft & cozy wool creations!

Support FELTasticFashion while I support & donate many wool creations 
to local schools, music bands, communities, as well as nationalwide non-profit group 
ie Because I am a Girl Canada 
Art Auction on Dec. 20 6-9pm at DeWolfe Building (aka Wolfville Farmers' Market)

Shifting 10% of your spending doesn't cost more - it just takes a little effort. In fact, it you think about how you're spending your money each time you open your wallet, you may indeed spend less.

Nova Scotians spending spend $13 billion annually on food and consumer goods. Shifting 10% of your consumption would mean $1.3 billion would flow back into local businesses & local farmers. Those businesses and farms are run by your friends, neighbors and families. Those businesses are also the ones that donate to local charitable or organizations & sports teams because we live here too.

$1.3 billion sounds like a lot of money, because it is. But it can happen by making a lot of small choices.
- a crisp Annapolis Valley apple instead an imported one
- a locally roasted coffee at a locally owned cafe instead of a chain
- a pair of sneakers from the locally owned shoe store that sponsors the road race you're taking part in
- dining at one of our fabulous chef-owned restaurants that turn our wonderful farmers meats and vegetables into truly fantastic food
- buying a t-shirt from a local store, designed by a local graphic artist instead of online from someone you'll never meet
- drinking local wine, beer & spirits and meeting the winemaker that picked the grapes and crafted the wine

Teach your children that things are still made here, that food is still grown here and that community matters.

So, today, take the pledge to SHIFT 10% of your shopping - make your own choices - think about your community - make a difference.



Ta-da!! Here's the #13, #14, #15 FELTasticStockings!

D with the Frosty the Snowman

L with the Snowflake & Hedgehog

F with the Christmas Sock Monkey

Three pairs of personalized wool stockings are ready to hang up on the fireplace mantel

and to wear later on as a pair of cozy wool socks

A very special Christmas to Felt It. Love It. Treasure It.



Chocolate Owl with Yellow Beak

That's the new color specs as per requested by a new customer at the farmers' market!




Amazing time at my very last Holiday Craft Show for the Year 2012!

Customized 5 pairs of FELTasticApplique stockings/socks as per request!
Plus another 3 pairs to work on at home!

Met a lady who picked up my Needle Felting DIY Kit at one of the retail shops
& she is now into felting & creating her own pieces! So happy that I help making another felter!


FELTasticCharm MEOW


I don't have any cat, but I do have many cat lovers around me!

I needle felt this FELTasticCharm after I met the couple at the Kentville Farmers' Market.

They picked up a wool felt ball last Wednesday for their cat.

And then, they returned this week and picked up another one for their friends's cat.

They said it was a success & the cat loves playing with the wool felt ball I made!

I'm so surprised & glad to know about that!

This cute Cute Cat will be a great Needle Felting DIY Kit Candidate too! 



It was such a fun-filled evening & sharing my love for felting to more people.

Many kids of Wolfville Farmers' Market goers joined in and experienced wet felting too!

Really an honor to join along many amazing and talented wool artists tonight!

Fibre Frolic at Market Tonight:  Dec 5 (4-7pm)

Tonight is Fibre Frolic at the Wolfville Farmers' Market. Join us for our Community Supper, your mid-week top-up and a whole variety of fun fibre related activities!

The Acadia Stitch N Bitch Club will be hosting a circle for knitters and crocheters - ALL ARE WELCOME!!

Maple and Ewe will have wool blankets and wool to make your own treasures.

Green Grass Toys will have hand-felted angels and dolls made with wool and fabric.

Textile and Visual Artist Marilyn Rand will be demonstrating needle-felt art pieces that she is working on and have shawls, scarves purses and hats, needle felting kits, wool dryer balls, scarves, fleece, and some silk and felt art pieces.

Cecilia Ho of Feltastic Fashion will have a poster size wet felt 2D Christmas tree plus, felt tree accessories on top that anyone can participate in.

Rocaro Alpacas will have a small scarf loom they will use to do demonstrations. They will be selling yarn and rovings as well as finished goods like the scarves and socks.

Susan Paddock
 will demonstrate English Paper Piecing, a hand quilting technique using paper or cardboard, fabric and a needle and thread. Susan will have some samples to share and a small piece of work in the frame to be hand quilted.

Community Health Nights are funded by Funded by the Eastern Kings Memorial Health Foundation.



During the last two craft fairs in Windsor and Halifax,

I worked with FELTasticApplique project on-site at the DEMO corner.

What I did I needle applique two separate pairs of touch screen gloves.

It sounds like it's a great idea & was so popular that both pairs were taken by the shoppers!

Even before I can snapped a photo or two of the finished products!

This Sock Monkey+Banada pair in red & another Owl in black are still available.

I would love working on more different designs if more people are interested too!

Custom order & on-site applique service always available at roadshows!

Check out the schedule on the RIGHT of this blog!



What an Amazing Show with an Amazing Group at an Amazing Venue!

This is my second time joining the East Coast Momma Collective mompreneurs

to showcase our awesome handmade creations at St. Mary's Boat Club in Halifax.

I really enjoy the show a lot, especially I was able to offer Felting DEMO onsite.

A pair of FELTasticApplique touch screen gloves was sold even before I was able to snap a photo!

The shopper noticed I was working on them onsite & glad to gift them out to someone special.

Looking forwards to the next public roadshow again!



Time surely flies by since the very 1st blogpost
Felt Love...Felt Beautiful...FELTastic
That was back in November 2010
I was experimenting my first wet felting project,

Since then, I just can't stop felting more & more
One of the greatest achievement was being TOP 11 Worldwide Overall
in the 2011 Fashion By Feelings competition organized by The Woolmark Company.

Thank you to my lovely kids, family & friends!
They are my inspirations to create!

Thank you to all supporters!
 It's so thrilled to have 170 Facebook fans +
over 5600 blog pageviews from six different continents around the world!
Your support really motivate me to create more new designs!

I really hope to promote this ancient handicraft to more people
I love to offer DEMO at roadshows which I can show people how fun felting is!

I also try to make it more easily accessible too!
This is how I start the FELTasticFun Needle Felting & Wet Felting DIY kits.
More than 200 DIY kits are picked up by new felters at several ON & NS yarn retail shops.
I will continue to explore the wholesale/retail market opportunities.
That way I can promote this amazing craft to more people.

Please feel free to refer my creation to anyone.
I would be very much appreciated!
I always welcome feedback & suggestion.
There are lots of room of improvement for sure!

Here again my forever mantra:
Felt It. Love It. Treasure It.



Two days to go....
Super excited to meet the Halifax Christmas shoppers on Saturday! 

Free admission, Free loot bags for first 50 guests, Charity draw, Free music & workshop 
& Meeting 50+ talent & creative & passionate Mompreneurs at one spot! 

I will offer SNOW FLAKE felting applique DEMO at noon on the stage
as well as onsite applique service at my crafty corner at my booth throughout the day
Bring a T-shirt, a scarf, a hat or even a bag, anything in wool or fabric material will work the magic!


Here is the OOAK Stocking with FELTasticApplique

or make it a pair to wear on the Christmas night too!

On-site Personalized It. service available at craft fairs & farmers markets.

Pre-order & custom order welcome.

Initial + applique designs can be picked from this sample:



I love to do DEMO to show people who have not encounter FELTING before.
I want to share the fun & the great advantage accessorizing with WOOL too!

Today is my very FIRST time being at the Kentville Farmers Market.
It was a great fun time between 10am - 2pm!

I have completed a FELTasticApplique with a Christmas Sock Monkey on an onesie.

I am so happy to meet a mixed media artist who purchase all kinds of Clover Felting tools!
I can't wait to see her amazing creations!!!

Very excited for the next DEMO this coming Saturday at ECMC Holiday Fair in Halifax,
as well as 3 more Wednesdays at Kentville Farmers Market,
Fibre Folic activity night at Wolfville Farmers Market on Dec. 5 evening (4pm-7pm),
& one more craft show at Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning, NS.

Come drop by to see what I will create onsite!



For those who has been following my blog, back in July 2011,

I needle felted a 3D palm-size sculpture with this two cute little cats 

This time, I received a request to make them into FELTasticCharms!

Nilo is no longer a little kitty as seen in the photo that's taken 1.5 years ago.

Time flies really fast indeed!

FELTasticApplique MINI X GT

As per request from my dear husband
who are big fan of driving his own MINI Cooper S + GT Gran Turismo on PS3

I got a few really nice pair of Touch Screen Gloves.
Conductive material woven into the tips of the gloves
allows touchscreen devices to work whilst wearing gloves.

I apply the felting applique technique to Personalize It.
Love the results & can't wait to work on more.

Customized services are available!



This is the new Show Special Offer

"Spin the Carousel & Win extra Discount"

Extra cash off any merchandise purchases 
& discount on workshop & custom order too!

Come check out my Holiday Booth & see if you can win & save!
Various gifts options for all gender & ages!

& Clover tools are available too!



Today, it was my first time as a vendor at 
Avon View High School Christmas Sale & Tea, Windsor, NS

 It was nice to meet many new shoppers whose haven't encounter felting before.

I glad I did DEMO throughout the show & worked on some felting applique.

ie. A pair of Upcycled & Personalized of old mittens 
Another two pair with cartoon applique 
(one pair was sold to a lovely girl after she saw me working on it!) 
Applique on Christmas stockings

Beginning at this Christmas craft show,
I will offer the new "SPIN the carousel & WIN extra discount" promotion too!
Stay tuned to find out how it works!

More to come at the next few road shows as I continue to create new things.
Drop by & say Hi if you are in the area!



This is Ivy's free-style needle felting 3D wool creation

She is making the FELTasticGlobe with this cute little snowman

Beautiful job! So lovely!



Finally I got to create this fun snow globe today!

I needle felt this cute little wool owl & dressed up with the Christmas outfit too!

I love it & hope you love it too!

Anyone up for a customized snow globe now?



I was playing around with the upcoming craft shows setting,

then my 3.5YR princess took over my DEMO corner

& practiced her "pen-felting" technique again!

Lovin' It!



Totally feeling Christmas is approaching !!

We had a wonderful mom+daughter (+cousin) girls trip to Halifax
 to enjoy French bakery, craft show & Christmas parade!

We started off at The Hydrostone Market (circa 1918)
with yummy treats at Julien's Bakery;
then found a beautiful steel dummy display at Lady Luck Boutique & Hydrostone Gallery
just perfect to hang all my wool charms;
after visited Bogside Gallery a few doors away to have a preview of many great art works;
and of course dropped by LK Yarns too!

Some history about Hydrostone click here

Later we spend a good walk from The Loop Craft Cafe 
after dropping off additional FELTasticFun DIY kits (SOCK MONKEY!!!), 
then Halifax Waterfront, Seaport, & later arrived Pier 23 
to check out many amazing artworks done by NSDCC members.
My 3.5YR princess was so excited to see a painter in action as well as many other DEMO!

The Christmas Parade was 1.5-hr long
but thanks to Canada Post taking letters to Santa!

Colorful Fall leaves are all over the ground.
It's a special season to celebrate Harvest & Thanksgiving!



Just love my new DIY display unit for my lovely wool owl necklaces.
It seems they are resting very comfy up on the tree!

This wooden tree cut out was backed with a thick & hard commercial felt.
So, the necklaces can stay on,
but still easy to remove when customer wants to take them home.


1) Get a ready-cut out unit (originally a photo display) and thick & hard commercial felt
Make sure all holes are covered & cut the felt according to the display size

2) Attached the felt to the display at the back & cut lines within the holes

3) Use a paper clip to help insert the necklaces through the holes

4) Adjust & ready to go to the craft show!
+ Very attractive display unit for myself at home too!

Want a piece of this FELTasticDisplay too?
E-mail me & I can custom made one for you too!
...while supply last...