All felted creations can be act as Sewing Pincushion. 
They are also the perfect decoration to spice up your room or office!

Fashion Necklace

Big Heart Bib Necklace -- Wool felt 42 heart-shaped bib necklace (Wet felt)
Felt Love Felted Heart Necklace -- Needle felt with smiley face on one side
Sesame Street®, Doreamon© & Thomas The Tank Engine© Inspired Felted Necklaces
Jade Look-a-like Felted Necklace -- Chinese culture influenced needle felted necklace
Colourful Owls  & A Happy Owl Family  -- Needle felt necklaces
Ladybug & Caterpillar -- Needle felt necklaces
Wearing Art -- Wool felt 38 heart-shaped bib necklace (Wet felt)
Braid & Felt -- Blue, Lime & Gray Needle felt necklace

Bubble Bubble - 31-bubble wet felt wool necklace
Wearing Art in NYC - Wet felt & needle felt necklaces

Braid & Felt Round 2 -- Fuchsia, Olive Green & Deep Violet Needle felt necklace
Ribbet Ribbet - Personalized froggy needle felt necklace
Mustache Fun  - Needle felt necklace with spun silk cord
Flower Patch  - Needle felt necklace with glass beans
Felt & Knot - Needle felt & knot necklace with textured elastic cord
Geomatric Tribal Art - Multicolored needle felt necklace with spun silk cord
Loopy Loops - Multicolored braid & needle felt necklace with leather cord
Fuchsia Wool Snake  - Needle felt necklace with metal circle wire
Simple Yet Elegant - Needle felt necklace with metal circle wire
Mommy & Baby's BFF - Needle felt necklace with metal circle wire

Multipurpose Fashion Accessories

Double-Duty -- Double-sided 9-color Wet Felt Necklace
Love Chain - The Ultimate Wool Braid & Felt Fashion Accessory 
(scarf/necklace/bracelet/hair accessory/belt/leg warmer & more)
Sparkles - Needle felt necklace/hairband with sparkle beans
Roll It Up - Needle felt necklace/hairband with texture elastic cord
Peacock Bright  - 4-style necklace/belt/headband (wet & needle felt)
Hallo-WOOL-ween - Felted bat wings for shoes with shoelace or velcro 
+ Wet & needle felt pom pom with elastic cord as ornament, bag charm, door knob or auto rear mirror decor, etc. + can be added to metal circle wire necklace
Chinese Good Luck Knot  - Knotting with spun silk cords + needle felted & others beans
(necklace, hairband, brooch & bracelet)

Jewelry Storage Solution

Swan in the Pond -- Ring Cushion
Orange Cupcake -- Photo Frame/Storage Box
Chocolate Berry Cupcake -- Photo Frame/Storage Box
1st Birthday Cupcake -- Photo Frame/Storage Box
Fluffy Sheep Pincushion -- Photo Frame/Storage Box
Gâteau aux Fruits -- Storage Box
Mango Cheesecake -- Storage Box
Mint Chocolate -- Storage Box

Ring/Bracelet/Necklace Keepsake
(6" CD/DVD spindle used as holder) 

Coco's Fruit Cake
Spring Fling Felted Cake
Strawberry Chocolate Cake
Cocoa Heaven Cake
All felted creations can be act as Sewing Pincushion. 
They are also the perfect eye candies for your Princess Tea Party!

Mini Patisserie

Mint Chocolate
Berry Heaven
Cherry Blossom
Raspberry Cake
Strawberry Tart
Melon Napoleon


Chocolate Raspberry Macaron