This Christmas will be one of the most exciting !
Many of my handcrafted wool creations are going to be loved & treasured !

On top of the many firefighter hats (PWVFD & WFD), 
the personalized mobile art decor,
and the Jeff Gordon NSACAR charm,
I have also felted more customized wool necklaces too !



The Angry Bird is trapped !

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile,
which was first released for Apple's iOS in December 2009.
Since then, it has been one of the top-selling paid applications.


My Neighbor Totoro となりのトトロ

Recently, my kids are very into watching My Neighbor Totoro となりのトトロ 
- the Japanese animated fantasy film produced by Studio Ghibli.

During the Fall 2002 Asia trip visiting my hometown, Hong Kong,
I did a side trip to visit Studio Ghibli which is located in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan.

It's hard to leave the studio empty handed without any souvenirs at all !
These little fellows have been with me the past 9 years or so already !!
Today, I'm making a Totoro necklace with the needle felting technique.

Note: The characters of Totoro and their likenesses are © Studio Ghibili



Vroom! Vroom!! Vroom!!!

Here's Jeff Gordon's #24 NASCAR 2011 - a custom made wool charm !

This piece took me 2hr40min to Felt It !

I am very excited for the gift sender ! I hope her loved one will Love It & Treasure It !



Jim Davis' creation of Garfield® is so popular, 
it held the Guinness World Record for being the world's most widely syndicated comic strip!

I am making this personalized mobile / art decor 
- a special Christmas gift to my best friend's little baby boy TL.
I hope he will LOVE IT & TREASURE IT forever!

Here's Garfield® mobile / art decor got on to FELTasticFashion Wool Carousal




I always have a problem to find a fashion cuff that fits my small wrist.
First, many of them are so big that they will fall right out from my hand.
Second, the metal cuffs with magnets will stay fit for me, but they are just too heavy.

For these reasons, here I get started with my new wool creation!


It is light-weighted, colorful, bold & warm!

I also make a matching wool bib necklace too!

Just a hint of wool, my body feels so warm ~



This weekend FELTasticFashion will be at the 1st Annual Christmas Craft Spectacular
2-day Craft & Wine event organized by Muir Murray Winery Estate, Wolfville, NS

I have been thinking & working a few new wool creations since the last craft event.
Something that's related to WOOL + WINE is what I have in mind of course.

With several tests & trials, I came up a few new designs that I haven't seen any on the market yet!
(or maybe there is a niche market out there but I didn't know. Free feel to drop any feedback!)


 2-in-1 Wine Glass Charm/Coaster
(or some people will call it Wine Glass Sleeve or Wine Glass Tag or Wine Glass Marker)

It is a wine glass charm that I needle felt with colored wool roving.
It also acts as a coaster to protect the glass as well as the furniture.
Or with certain design, it acts as both -  like a glove for the wine glass .

I have also done a TEST with the wool about its STAIN-RESISTANT character!
Result is positive!

I pour dark soy sauce right on a bright yellow wool felt coaster & leave for a minute.
Then, I just simply wash it under running water 
& after I get my bright yellow stain-free wool coaster again!
So amazing!

Unfortunately, I can't update any photos at this moment as my laptop is broken.
But please check my FELTasticFashion Facebook Page for all photos & details for now! 
I will update photos on the blog as soon as possible. Thanks!

FELTasticWine 2-in-1 wine glass charm/coaster

Great accent ! Easy id ! Drip-free ! Stain-free ! Durable ! Washable ! Natural ! Eco-Friendly !