Merino sock monkey (Left) meeting Alpaca/Merino sock monkey (Right).
Which one you like more?
Depends on the quality of the fibers, Alpaca & Merino are relatively soft fleece among others.
Alpaca = 18 to 25 micron in diameter
Merino = 12-24 micron in diameter
Thus, Alpaca fleece, similar to Merino Wool, does not have the "scratchy" feeling.
"Any wool finer than 25 microns can be used for garments,
while coarser grades are used for outerwear or rugs.
The finer the wool, the softer it is,
while coarser grades are more durable and less prone to pilling."



Love that I can felt & create anytime I want!
Today, I spent a good hour making little hearts with Clover Rose Applique Mold
 while watching the rest of my family members playing tennis at the court!



It's officially FALL~
Just about time to start a new project : The Repurpose Felting Project!

Playing with the electric hand felting machine!
It speeds up the needle felting 100x faster! (IMO)
Now the old sweater is hiding inside as the core of the big orange wool pumpkin! 

Making Pumpkin Leaves...Love Fall Colors!

Twisted & Felt

Adding FF signature = Project Completed !!
The most satisfying moment for an artist or creator
is definitely the time to sign his/her name or put on the monogram on the finished piece!
I'm no exception!

Comparing the two wool needle felted pumpkins. Which one you like more?

"Mommy, I'm so strong & not heavy at all."
"Well of course. It's 100% Wool."

Time flies when I held my little girl whose just started to walk through the pumpkin patch & also when I first discovered felting craft from the Annapolis Valley.
Four years later, I'm making wool pumpkins to mark another harvest
& thanksgiving time of the year!
Always Felt It. Love It. Treasure It.



Glad to teach at Yarn & Y'all, Greenville, SC earlier this morning!

Even one of the shop owners enjoyed her time to try needle felting for the very first time!

Check out Yarn & Y'all for more exciting felting workshops!
We're trying to do it at least once a month!
You can also find our Top 5 Felting DIY Kits at the shop too!
Penguin ; Sock Monkey ; Sheep ; Meow ; Modern Owl 



Just came across a beautiful photo taken from my highschool classmate
who visited Switzerland earlier & took a close snap shot of the Bluenose Sheep!
Ain't they really cute?!
Blacknose Sheep from Switzerland - a dual-propose breed raised for both meat & wool.

Then looking at our very own SHEEP 3D Wool Charm,
don't they look alike?!
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