The idea to combine wool fibres into making a necklace is very simple for me.

They are LIGHT & SOFT and ECO-FRIENDLY too!
Personally, I cannot stand to wear those heavy metal chain necklaces for hours.
Even though they are trendy & so IN for the 2011 season, but my neck won't love the pain.
Comfort is very important for me!

Plus, I know some people really love to accessorize but unfortunately allergic to metal.
I hope these wool necklaces I created can solve the issues.
They are unique & bold, but still very light-weighted!

Here's a sneak peek of TWO of my latest designs by using the wet felt technique.



I love to explore new way to work with the wool fibres. I think this may be a good example.

I combined the braiding & needle felting techniques to create this special wool felt necklace.

The length for the necklace is also adjustable which makes it even more diverse!

Do you like what I FELT? what I LOVE? & what I'll TREASURE?

Wearing it long or Wearing it short - It's all up to you!



A personalized baby mobile was specially created for Baby Christopher K.

Visual stimulation for baby is a key ingredient to intellectual and cognitive growth.

 May this colorful mobile also makes Baby Christopher smile all the time!


When was the baby mobile invented?
Alexander Calder (1898-1976), "mobile" artist, is the inspiration behind the baby mobile. He created large art pieces that were motorized. His exhibitions were called "mobile" art. Though he didn't make baby mobiles he is the artist responsible for its idea. Source: Answer.com



Some chocolate cakes to celebrate the Mud Creek Days & the hottest Summer ever!

FELTasticFashion felted cakes are not only an art for display, 
but they are also keepsakes &/or discs holders!

They are also up for acquisition & appreciation via FELTasticFashion.ETSY.com

I hope you enjoy this Summer so far!



During the process of creating the multicolored wool felt necklace, I feel like I become an ARTIST!

The wool felt necklace is the SCULPTURE that is also a FASHION STATEMENT!

Every minutes, every seconds during the 8 hours of creation was like raising a new baby.

Perhaps that's why I call it ART with LOVE. Lots of LOVE!


Like most arts, this special piece is looking for someone special to acquire. 

Please check for ETSY listing!

UPDATE: This special piece is now sold!
If you like one too, I love custom felt another one for you!
Just e-mail me at FELTasticFashion@gmail.com



Multipurpose is always in my head when I create something.

The Owl Necklace can also be doubled as Bracelet!

Here's the runner-up photo I took for the Find "Fashion by Feeling" contest.
Thanks to many support from you, friends & family. I'm very lucky still being within Top 10 after 1 week! 
But keep share the link & I need more votes!



Please come to meet Papa Owl, Mama Owl, Brother Owl, Sister Owl & Grandma Owl ~

I didn't name them myself, but my 2-year old daughter! She's calling them everyday!

(Top to Bottom: Mama Owl, Brother Owl, Papa Owl, Sister Owl & Grandma Owl)

(Left to Right: Brother Owl, Papa Owl, Mama Owl, Sister Owl & Grandma Owl)




I received a special request from her fiancé in the US nearly 2 months ago.
After a few design discussions through e-mails & based on the only photo I received, 
I had created this very special piece palm-size sculpture with their 2 lovely cats!

Now Mary won't miss her cats too much as she may enjoy to see them whenever
& wherever she go for her many business & leisure trips around the world!



After I created the Jade Look-A-Like felted necklace, I must do a collection with the Oriental theme.

I'm 100% Chinese Canadian as I've equally spent half of my life in Hong Kong & Canada.

The top 3 Chinese symbols that pop up in my head are what I'm going to create for this special collection.
 Panda 熊貓 + Tai Chi 太極 + Double Happiness 雙喜



Just enter the AWI Woolmark Find Fashion By Feelings contest!
Please vote for ME to win a trip to Australia to discover the origin of Merino wool.
Also, there are weekly prizes for voters from now until Sept. 29, 2011, offered by EMU Australia!
Remember to share & tell your friends about this & help ME to get to the highest rank!
Thanks to you all wool lovers!

(Details: http://www.fashionbyfeelings.c​om/terms-and-conditions)



Designing is an amazing art. There is no limit of what you can do. 

I especially enjoy the creation process - from scratch to end product.
I love to felt with anything that's just pop in my head, right before that special moment / feeling is gone!

Since the very beginning of my FELTasticFashion projects, I have countless ideas.
I love to get inspirations anywhere, anytime. But I always try to make it unique & OOAK.

However, the only thing I want more is TIME. I have to do things slowly.
After I put my kids to bed, I usually have 2-3 hours to design, to felt, to upload photos & to update any news.
Thus, multitasking is very important as I want to make sure I'm having a balanced & happy life.

For the past 8 months, I have designed my own felted creations,
as well as business card & package, website, ETSY shop, Facebook & of course this blog.
I love to keep track what I have accomplished throughout the creation process.
I love to DIY too, because I know I will put in 100% effort into everything I create.


  With my very first upcoming craft show, I have started to work on the felted necklace display.
I want them easily accessible & they can be tried on & let's customers to feel my love for felting!

Here's my 5-minute DIY - converting nails & a wooden tray into a neat display:

  I also decide to use the clothing rack & add a few bungee cords & Christmas lights & clips onto it.
The mini Christmas light bulbs will also act as hangers for more necklaces.
Et Voila!  The portable display stand for the craft show!

(The logo sign, which will be hanged in the front, is due to be completed soon! Still 98 days to go!)

After I hanged out all the felted necklaces I made during the past 8 months,
I was quite surprised that I have done so many! 
(& I didn't count my felted cakes yet!)

Everyday when my little girl returns home from daycare, 
she will point at the necklaces & call out names for each of them.
It's such a graceful & satisfied feeling when you see your kids are happy!

Happiness is so priceless!


Will my tag line work for you?

                                     I               Felt It!
                                 I / You        Love It!
                                   You    Treasure It!



Just 99 more days to go for FELTasticFashion's debut at the Horton Craft Fair! 

Do you know that in the Chinese culture, the number NINE is a lucky number?
Historically, NINE is associated with the Emperor of China: 
the Emperor's robes often had nine dragons, which symbolized "harmony"
Moreover, NINE is a homophone of the word for which means "longlasting"
That's why there are usually 9 courses in the Chinese wedding & birthday receptions.

In the history of the art of the Chinese empire, JADE has had a special significance as well.
Jade can be comparable with that of gold & diamonds in the western countries.


In the light of the Chinese culture, 
I have designed this special JADE look-a-like felted necklace.



LET's GUESS...What's the common element in this picture?

They are Nails, Pins & Felting Needles

& that represent my Father, my Mother & Myself


Actually, I was quite surprised when I discovered the linkage.
I didn't realized until I prepared the ABOUT ME section in this blog
as well as the PROFILE section in my ETSY online shop.


MY FATHER = Home Decorator & Carpenter 
He was trained & worked as interior decorator in Hong Kong after Grade 5.
He was chosen to fly to Japan back in the 80s to work for a brand name storefront window display.
That's when he picked up my very first HELLO KITTY directly from Japan & I still have it after 20+ years!
He's retired after so many years of hardworking. But he never stops his passion to create.
Here's the great example of his backyard re-do:

MY MOTHER = Fashion Designer & Custom Dressmaker 
She opened her first boutique in 1969 in Hong Kong.
& later another one in Montreal after we immigrated to Canada in the late 90s. 
She has served thousands of clients around the world throughout the decades.
Of course, she was in charge with all my 10 wedding dresses {Yes! 6 @banquet & 4 @photo shoot}
as well as 15 more for my wedding party all by herself! She's amazing!  

ME = I would assume I'm a Part-time Designer & Felter
 I opened the ETSY shop in April 2011 after 6 months of needle & wet felting.
I got the fresh idea to make felted cakes after my trip to Asia in February 2011.
Since then, I have been non-stop to create many different kinds of cakes.
However, that just didn't stop me to look for more brilliant ideas. 
I love things that are multipurpose, that's how I want my cakes that can also be a keepsake.
I will keep to work hard, to felt more special & unique pieces.
That's my passion to design & create!


I have to say that I'm the luckiest daughter whose both parents are so talented & creative.
I believe my passion for designing & creating one-of-a-kind items comes from my family's blood.
Like them, I always try to look for the very best way to create something that's special & unique.
I wish I will be as successful as they are! I love them so much!
I am very thankful for their unlimited supports indeed!



Owl has been the most favorite animal in my house when I was younger.

My mom has collected numerous pieces of owl decorations. (Lost count!)

She even still keeps the owl 3D sculpture (plaster carving) that I handcrafted when I was 14.

After 20 years later, I am working on the OWLs once again - with the needle felting technique.

Thanks to my little princess modeling for these colorful owl felted necklaces!

Many more colorways are ready to be felted for sale worldwide & order NOW at FELTasticFashion.ETSY.com 
as well as at the upcoming Oct. 15, 2011 Annual Horton High School Craft Fair in the Annapolis Valley, NS!