With a father, whose a home decorator & carpenter, 
and a mother, whose a fashion designer & custom dressmaker, 
I have been surrounded by thousands of extraordinary creative designs since birth! 
I also have a passion to design unique items & I wish I'm just as creative as they are!

When I am not busy with my 2 lovely kids, 
I love to spend some quiet time to work on my felted creations (wet & needle felting). 
I love that I can create anything I can imagine. 
Besides, I can support my LOCAL sheep farms right at where I live too.
Here, this is how I begin my FELTasticFashion felted cakes & fashion accessories projects.

Wool is the main material I use for most of my felted creations. 
They are natural & eco-friendly & you can treasure forever. 
I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I do!

Have you felt my love for felting yet?!
Plus, my significant other Jonathan who supports everything! 

ABOUT FELTasticFashion:

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FELTasticFashion​ has been designing and packaging felting DIY kits in a home­-based studio since 2011. The goal is to create basic educational DIY kits to which everyone can freely add their own personality into each creation to make it a conversation piece. Currently, there are over 40 designs under 6 collections that cover multiple felting techniques: 3D Wool Charm, 2D Appliqué, Pincushion/Decor, Fashion Jewelery, Unique Keepsakes and Wet Felting. Each DIY kit includes all the required materials and tools, including top­ quality New Zealand Corriedale wool fibers, plus colored photos & written step­-by­-step instructions to ensure every one can easily pick up this fun & hands-­on project. FELTasticFashion felting DIY kit was first evaluated as a juried new product at the Atlantic Craft Trade Show in 2013. Since then, over 50 North American museum, gallery & craft shops have been carrying these felting DIY kits & sharing the hands­-on fun of felting to everyone.

    "Brighten up your day with your very own eco­friendly FELTastic creations!"   

All DIY kits include every required felting materials and tools, which are carefully prepared from our studio throughout the design process. They are suitable for all level of felters, allowing them to practice their felting techniques. In addition, everyone can freely add his/her own personality into each creation to make it a conversation piece.    

ARTIST STATEMENT:​ I love wool because I can “Felt It. Love It. Treasure It.” Felting with colorful wool fibers allows me to create memories with unique decorative yet functional pieces to treasure. By applying the unusual wool materials in my work, it will drive conversation and also creative and innovative ideas with my audience.  

Cecilia Ho​ was born in Hong Kong in 1977. Her works predominantly in the medium of needle felting. She is a believer of open­-minded creations, and became a self-­taught felter after her family move to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia in 2007, where many fiber artists & sheep farms are surrounded.

Cecilia is also from a family with handicraft culture & tradition, her father as an interior decorator & her mother as a custom wedding dressmaker, her whole life was surrounded with creative designs & handmade. Cecilia has been executed old & new felting techniques, & creatively to turn natural wool fibers from scratch to many unique & functional wool creations. Her designs are always around fashion, decorative art, as well as whimsical wool charms because of her two lovely children.

Her original works have been custom made & showcased around the world through:
The Woolmark Company WE LOVE WOOL campaign (September 2011),
Felt:Feutre Contemporary Felt Fashion Show in British Columbia (September 2013),
"Founders, Instructors & Studio Artists' Exhibition" at Greenville Center for Creative Arts (April 2015)
"Unseen Greenville" at Greenville Center for Creative Arts (December 2015),
CONTEXTILE Fashion Show in Spartanburg Art Museum (January 2016)
& in multiple art museum, gallery and art centers' special exhibitions.

Throughout the years, Cecilia has conducted many felting demonstrations & workshops to all age groups including:
Mini Maker Faire (Greenville SC),
Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (Asheville NC),
Upcountry History Museum (Greenville SC),
Greenville Center for Creative Arts (Greenville SC),
Spartanburg Art Museum (Spartanburg SC),
NEST (Columbia SC),
SC Organization for Organic Living Homesteading Festival (Williamston SC),
National Association for Developmental Education NADE2015 conference (Greenville SC),
Maker Festival (Toronto ON),
Creativ Festival (Toronto ON),
Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council Summer Craft Fair (Halifax NS),
Art & Craft Fairs (Waynesville NC, Traveler’s Rest SC & Wolfville NS),
farmer's markets, indie craft shows & yarn shops,
as well as to elementary & high school students and 4H communities.

She enjoys family and friends bonding activities through working on felting projects, which lead her to design & package FELTasticFashion felting starter kits since 2011. Beginning 2014, Cecilia relocated to Greenville SC with her family. Since then, she has continued to promote felting craft through demonstrations and workshops, as well as to expand her felting craft business in the USA by designing & packaging FELTasticFashion Felting DIY project kits. Occasionally, she offers collaborations with local art communities and farms, and designs exclusive project kits for corporate businesses. 

Brief BIO: Cecilia Ho was born into a family of designers in Hong Kong but was first introduced to felting after moving to Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007. It was the local and plentiful sheep farms that influenced her passion and direction into felting and fiber arts. Cecilia has been offering felting demonstrations and teaching workshops at museums, galleries, art & fiber festivals and local businesses across the United States and Canada. Cecilia has taken part in exhibitions, fashion shows and wool campaigns. FELTasticFashion is the business created by Cecilia in 2011 which designs and packages all-inclusive felting DIY kits for beginners.