It is so cool to check the blog statistics every time I log on !

Just the past week between Aug. 17 & 23, 2012,
there were blog visitors/wool lovers from 5 different major continents:

Asia, Australia, Europe, North America & South America.

Thank you all so much dropping by !

I am looking forward to see someone from Africa or even Antarctica too ! 

I love how WOOL can bring all nations together !

Now...let's count down to the PEACE FELT 2012 event...


  1. I like that too. That's the magic of internet, everything is suddenly so close. For me the most unexpected visit was from Zimbabwe. All the best with yours FeltasticFashion magic treasures. :)

  2. Thanks Ket for your support!

    Really, 2 years ago when I first start this blog, I was merely thinking it's a great way (easy & free!) to keep track what I'm been working with my FELTastiFashion project. Now, I'm very happy I am sharing my passion of felting to so many people around the world from blogging & Facebook!

    I'm sure people from Africa love WOOL too! Wool is an all-year-round & most natural & Eco-friendly product!