Totally feeling Christmas is approaching !!

We had a wonderful mom+daughter (+cousin) girls trip to Halifax
 to enjoy French bakery, craft show & Christmas parade!

We started off at The Hydrostone Market (circa 1918)
with yummy treats at Julien's Bakery;
then found a beautiful steel dummy display at Lady Luck Boutique & Hydrostone Gallery
just perfect to hang all my wool charms;
after visited Bogside Gallery a few doors away to have a preview of many great art works;
and of course dropped by LK Yarns too!

Some history about Hydrostone click here

Later we spend a good walk from The Loop Craft Cafe 
after dropping off additional FELTasticFun DIY kits (SOCK MONKEY!!!), 
then Halifax Waterfront, Seaport, & later arrived Pier 23 
to check out many amazing artworks done by NSDCC members.
My 3.5YR princess was so excited to see a painter in action as well as many other DEMO!

The Christmas Parade was 1.5-hr long
but thanks to Canada Post taking letters to Santa!

Colorful Fall leaves are all over the ground.
It's a special season to celebrate Harvest & Thanksgiving!

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