Time surely flies by since the very 1st blogpost
Felt Love...Felt Beautiful...FELTastic
That was back in November 2010
I was experimenting my first wet felting project,

Since then, I just can't stop felting more & more
One of the greatest achievement was being TOP 11 Worldwide Overall
in the 2011 Fashion By Feelings competition organized by The Woolmark Company.

Thank you to my lovely kids, family & friends!
They are my inspirations to create!

Thank you to all supporters!
 It's so thrilled to have 170 Facebook fans +
over 5600 blog pageviews from six different continents around the world!
Your support really motivate me to create more new designs!

I really hope to promote this ancient handicraft to more people
I love to offer DEMO at roadshows which I can show people how fun felting is!

I also try to make it more easily accessible too!
This is how I start the FELTasticFun Needle Felting & Wet Felting DIY kits.
More than 200 DIY kits are picked up by new felters at several ON & NS yarn retail shops.
I will continue to explore the wholesale/retail market opportunities.
That way I can promote this amazing craft to more people.

Please feel free to refer my creation to anyone.
I would be very much appreciated!
I always welcome feedback & suggestion.
There are lots of room of improvement for sure!

Here again my forever mantra:
Felt It. Love It. Treasure It.

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